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Survival PvP Minigames Skyblock Legal Version 1.8.3


Welcome to the home of the JBC Network. Here you will find a vast array of resources you can enjoy to help make your Minecraft gaming experience on our servers even better. Here are just a few features we have here on the JBC Network:

Multiple Servers - You can choose from a wide variety of game-play options from our central Hub server.
Survival - We offer a completely grief free/non-pvp survival world for you to enjoy
PVP - If you enjoy PVP we offer 2 PVP worlds. One with Grief Prevention in place, and the other is fully unrestricted.
Plots - We offer all players the ability to claim and build within our Creative Hometown world
Towny - Want to build a town with your friends or maybe ever start a Nation? Do that in our Towny enabled world.
SkyBlock - SkyBlock in all its glory.
Invovative Global Shop economy - Buy and auction off your items to all players in a unique on-screen shop menu
Strict Economy - Our Survival and PVP worlds share a strict economy based system. Great measures were taken to ensure the economy remains balanced and meaningful to all players.
Mini-games - You can find many of the most popular mini-games here, and more are added frequently.
Rank System - We offer ranks the fit all players. On-time ranks come absolutely free and offer great rewards just for spending time on the server. For those who wish to help out and donate to the server, there are several ranks that are available that offer great benefits.
Full featured website - Dynmaps, Forums, Regular updates, and new items can all be found on our website.
Fair and enjoyable play experience - JBC Networks prides itself on treating all players fairly and with respect, and we do not abide players who do not follow that same rule.

So come and join, enjoy your stay, have fun, and make memories.


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