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Survival Vanilla Cracked Version 1.8.4


Hello all,
My name is 4230 and I am proud owner of a new server. I am looking for admin and people to join. My idea of the server is to keep it a very nice community-like environment. The same rules that would apply to any other server would apply.I am very lenient unless you break the rules of the server. The ban hammer will not hesitate to smash some folks. Really im looking for people to test and help build up at the start of the server until we grow into a bigger community.


What type of players are you looking for? Any. We are in the process of just looking for testers of the server and people who want to play vanilla survival with a very tight community idea. The idea is to grow to around 10-15 good friendly players and be able to share, build and play together within the same server.

Is the server modded? No. As of right now we are looking for people to play vanilla Minecraft. The game version being 1.8.4 and updates with new versions. If we gather a nice community around the server we will spread out and start playing mod packs and opening some new servers.

Are we aloud to record for YouTube? Gladly. We would love to get some YouTubers and broadcasters within our community. The only rule with that being: The IP is not free giveaway. In other words once the community is built we wish to stay with a smaller community and not grow large. If a member has to drop out we will accept another only to fill his place. Other then that feel free to.

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