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Survival PvP Minigames Version 1.2.5


The first thing you need to know before you login is that all EE relays and MKII and MKIII collectors are banned, This is not a power flower server.Dont join if infinite wealth is your goal.

We instead promote our player to set-up shops and interact with other players to gain wealth while slowly gaining wealth via MKI collectors. All food, Weapons and tools have no EMC value making them valid items to sell and buy.

If the above sounds fair to you and your interested in steady growth, trading and building please join us.

Anything else you need to know is in our floating spawn lab above our central city.
Its worth exploring the city before heading out as there are chests and loot to be found to help you start out.

Finally, The server is also on hard as tekkit can be too easy, We do not give our players /back and items do drop on death so watch your step.

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