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Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Version 1.8.3


A no-plugins persistent Minecraft PvP server running on an 8-core 64GB dedicated box from OVH.
Server rules are simple: Please dont cheat.

Griefing is allowed so long as cheats are not used. Our definition of "cheating" includes, but is not limited to, x-ray (regardless of method), flying, teleporting, invincibility, item duplicating (duping), usage of automated/scripted shill accounts (bots) for the purpose of PvP activities. NOTE: Tradecraft bots are allowed.

Server economy is entirely player driven. The administrator of this server is responsible for server monitoring and maintenance and will not intervene in disputes or other issues regarding money/economy, players logging out during battle, player "stalking", cursing/swear words/language/etc.

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