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Survival PvP Factions Sponge Legal Votifier Server Version 1.8.3


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ExodusMC is a OPFactions server mainly based on PvP and raiding

ExodusMC is going to be a OPFactions server with many custom plugins, The server is heavily based on PvP and raiding. You may start with OP weapons, tools and armor but the most powerful thing on the server will be money, With money you will be able to get EVERYTHING from blocks to donor items, however it may be the most powerful item but its also one of the more difficult things to get. The main way players will get the money is from selling items e.g spawners, mob loot, faming and Player killing everything worth selling WILL have to be farmed, However a lot of other things will be able to sell its just a case if its worth selling.

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