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Dit is een internationale server, engels is de voertaal.
Ondanks dat denk ik dat onze server zeker de moeite waard is om eens te bekijken!

Wij gebruiken ons eigen registratie systeem, het is niet zozeer een whitelist. Maar zeker een manier om griefers buiten de deur te houden. Registreer je hier (ranking gaat automatisch)

controleer na registratie je email, -ook spam folders!!-

----------------------------------------------- has been around for over a year. Our players adamantly stay with us for a reason and we love the players just as much as we love new ideas; our forums actually have a section where the players can submit ideas to improve the server because if they don�t like it, we don�t like it!

Our motive for doing this is entirely community driven, we wouldn�t be doing this if it weren�t for the players (thanks guys!) and our admins help keep the not-so-nice ones out.

Also, introducing Minecomm! Minecomm is a unique shop system where you can buy Minecraft items from our web-panel! That�s right; you can buy Minecraft items using your internet browser of choice. Minecomm was developed by the devs @

We make sure that there is plenty of support for the players so that their stay is as enjoyable as possible!

This is�please, enjoy your stay.

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