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Survival PvP Vanilla Legal Version 1.8


Welcome to Qrid

Custom Features:
-Affordable banking system, you have to protect your assets.
-Custom mini-boss mobs to make hunting even more rewarding.
-Legendary Gear to take down the toughest of baddies and beasties.

Friendly Community
A full staff of only the best, we have some staff which have specialities to make any questions or concerns fast and easy to solve.



**Stealing is allowed.**
**Griefing is not allowed.**
**PvP outside of Villages and Towns.**

On top of all that, we also have forums where you can get to know all of the players as well as solve any FAQ you may have.
Want to chat offline or get in direct contact with another player or Staff member? Well we have an IRC for that. With easy access from the Forums.

**Join us @**

A large part of our map is unexplored at the moment. That means you have fresh resources and as much building space as you could want. Come get some before someone else takes all the good spots.

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