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Creative PvP Minigames Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.11


Premium Gametypes

Hello there and welcome to our ServerPact listing. We are a gaming community and our server focuses on minigames. The catch is: each of our gametypes have been meticulously planned by our game designers before being brought to life by our in-house developers.

Furthermore, once these gametypes are created, our team constantly updates them to ensure that the content our community receives is nothing but the best. Fuelled by suggestions from our players, the games have grown over the last two years and we think that the current state of the server will impress you greatly.

So, what minigames do you have to offer, exactly?
SkyWars – our take on the classis SkyWars game, with some added spice thanks to our own custom plugins and builds that make the game highly immersive and modern. The SkyWars plugin is 100 percent custom and the builds are sourced from our talented community of builders.

Kits are going to be released shortly, and there’s currently eleven unique maps to choose from. We’re also considering releasing team versions of this solo game.

Golem Strike - a unique team-based PvP game. There are two teams and each team has their own island. On this island, there is an iron golem that must be protected by you and your teammates. The objective of the game is to bring the opposing team’s golem down to zero health – the first team to vanquish the other’s golem wins. Clay blocks are given to each team member at a rate of one block per second – you can choose to use this clay to progress towards the other team’s island, or you can save it up and use it to purchase upgrades from the in-game shop to help you along the way.

Paint Warfare – if you’ve ever played Splatoon, this game was inspired by that. The objective is the same as that of Splatoon: the team to cover the largest surface area wins. There are power-ups that spawn across the map every few minutes to make things interesting. Oh, and you can splat players too, rendering them unable to bother you with paint for a few seconds.

Twisted Spleef – we’ve taken the concept of spleef, and added a plethora of twists to it. This is a solo game where the objective is simple: be the last player standing. But beware, the ground isn’t to be trusted. You choose a twist, such as the blindness twist, and then let the fun and games begin.

Quiz Masters - if you deem yourself an expert in the specifics of Minecraft, this is the gametype for you. We test players on their knowledge of the game by sending questions in the chat which players should then answer (or guess if its Unix were talking about.). Whats more, theres a crafting challenge at the end of each game. We also took the liberty of creating some pretty intense music resources that are played throughout the game.

That’s all of our minigames at this moment in time. We have plans for SkySprint and Mutation PvP among others, but we’re currently working to perfect our other games.

Any other servers that aren’t minigames?
Yes, there are. We’ve taken our time to develop a 100% custom creative and prison server. The features you can find on our creative server extend far beyond the capabilities of most creative servers, and you also get a very generous size of plot you can build on. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on Redstone so feel free to practice your Redstone skills on our creative server without worrying about the staff members getting upset.

If you would like to support us, we offer Pro, Elite and Ultra ranks which can be purchased from our "online shop" (Link:

The IP address of the server is and the website address is "" (Link: We hope to see you on the server.

We also offer rewards for voting for us, such as tokens, a virtual currency used to buy cosmetic items, and credits, a non-cosmetic currency used in games for upgrades and other perks.

What’s more, we’ve created an additional reward known as encrypted shards. When you earn an encrypted shard, pay a visit to the ‘Shard Decrypting’ villager in the Hub area and see what you’ve won.

Almost 100% of our front end plugins are custom coded by our team and we strive to provide ground-breaking minigames, zero lag, and, most importantly, an amazing, safe environment to enjoy. Should we not live up to your expectations, please visit our forums or alternatively drop a comment on this listing.

Equally, if our community is all you ever dreamed of, we’d love it if you hit that vote button, favourited us and even donated to show love for our project. (All donations go towards improving and paying for the server, no exceptions).

Our Current Team:
UnixBasher: Owner, Network Manager and Website Developer
VoidInVoid: Owner and Server Developer

MC_LogicFTW: Moderator
Marooner4ever: Trial Moderator

We also offer Builder ranks to those active on our creative server for extra perks, as well as the VIP rank for those who heavily promote and publicise our community.

We hope to see you there. IP:
Staff will be notified when a player joins, so we’ll do our best to greet you :)

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