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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Factions Skyblock Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2



ViciousCraft is a fairly new server, we bring to the table the following SERVERS:

HUB/Survival - Spawn into the network and check out the goodies all around, included on the HUB is survival.
Jump in to survival by leaving HUB island via a boat Supplied or using the warp portal.

Factions - Get out there and build your faction, survival at its best. Get your team mates in and destroy the competition.

SkyBlock - Your island paradise if you so choose it, or your nightmare if it all goes wrong. Are you the King of your Island

OP Prison - The title says it all.

We are always evolving and adding new things, be it servers or better/custom plugins. We are always open to suggestions
and listen to our player base.

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