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Game: San Andreas Multiplayer


German - Smooth life [Roleplay] Rp is a server of the many jobs - offers you can spawn anywhere on the map, you can leave the car with a Brüoklammer or a crowbar The cars you can sell the car slide.
You also have the ability to buy a frak you possible for 50,000 covers any senior that is no senior and long wait for reply from the Leader in you will immediately accepted your namere immediately if you fülst up for something better to apply in the fraction to you cop or supporter. Only recirculation cop and Teamler you have to apply at asking for rank or fraction there so just kick you doing together and buy some for yourselves just one for $ 50,000 the grove or Ballers or Medic.

If you play gerene RP and just want a different role-play example Cop or Ballers no problem just buy a fractional 50,000 $, or enroll in an existing.

You can very happy to go to work and collect money you you get from your faction leader and a salary if it does not tell an admin.

We hope you enjoy your:

German smooth team

Admin: Bic_Oyl

Scripter: Black_Blade

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