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Survival Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.7.10


Server Rules Include:
1. You are responsible for your own account.
2. No harrasment/trolling/flaming/spamming/scamming.
   a. If you are asked to stop by the person you are targeting,you need to stop.
3. Listen to staff, as long as it pertains to the rules, anything else is optional.
4. No griefing.
   a. If griefing is done by a person you have added to your claim, it is not considered punishable griefing. Be careful with who you add to your claims.
5. No exploiting, hacks, hack clients.
6. No advertising other minecraft servers.
   a. Sharing links are fine as long as it doesnt try to persuade players to go to different server.
   b. Saying another servers name in conversation is fine.
7. No malicious intent or acts against the server or users, for example threatening to DDOS the server.
8. No political talks or racism is allowed on our services at any time.

We are new as of the date of posting this thread - 7/12/2016. We may not have many players now but we plan to increase the count down the road. We provide a nice vanillaish feel to the server while not providing a overwhelming amount of modifications with plugins. Our goal in creating this server was to provide as simple layout as possible while at the same time providing some fun aspects.  When doing this we decided to add a economy but not your normal economy. We also do not provide VIP ranks for donators nor do we accept donations. You will not have people with really over powered perks. This was intended to provide a more even game play. We still allow you to play and pvp. How ever we also have the option for users who do not want to pvp. We are not a factions server. How ever if you want to play in that manner just live in the wild with out protection on your house. Speaking of protection. We give you the ability to claim land and protect it from grief or stealing. Getting back to game play we have removed any major game breaking mechanics such as the energy condenser. We felt it was just to op for the type of server we were looking to make. I have also removed the philosopher stone as well as it speeds up a lot of crafting recipes. How ever we are still contemplating whether or not to add it back. Most all forms of flying have also been disabled in return have been replaced with magic carpet a little less op flying. Something you should also expect is that we are constantly updating out plugins and coding new updates to ones we already have. Lastly I would like to mention we are very transparent when it comes to just about everything.

Banned Items:
Philosopher Stone
Energy Condenser Mk1
Energy Condenser Mk2
Most Rings except Black Hole Ring

Server video

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