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Game: Terraria


IcyTerraria is a new take on the Terraria systems, with custom plugins and weekly events, you cant go wrong with joining us.

Warning - we do not allow hacked clients/modded clients/Cheat Engine or anything that isnt vanilla Terraria client on this server.
Some of the reasons why people join our server:

Thou if you are looking for a no-direction free items server, this server is definitely not for you.

Features of the server:

Our server features a unique ranking system, not found in other servers. You will be able to gain exp while playing and rankup, each time you rankup a new piece of terraria equipment is unlocked for you and at times handy commands (ie/ buff, tp etc...), and the best part about this is - the ranking system is completely optional.

Warning if you enter the ranking system you will be limited on what items you can use until you unlock them.

PvP-PvE-Luck Events
We also have customized event plugins, unique only to this server, the events are run on a regular basis, always on the weekends and sometimes during the weekdays. These events range from PvP events (Capture the Gem, King of the Hill, Kill the King, Gun Battles etc...) to luck based events that grant you free items and experience.

Ever Had an issue where one world was completed depleted of materials? Or you cant progress to hardmode or the server started on hardmode? With our 3 server setup, you will never have that issue again. All players can start on Normal Mode, where they gear up for their Hard Mode adventures, and if you wanted fully protected building goto Build Mode. All server ports are below.


SSC Enabled supported - New Characters are FORCED on this server. There are three servers:
Normal mode - 7777 port
Hard mode - 7778 port
Build mode - 7776 port

Teamspeak server:


To start on this server, please enter:

/register (password)
/login (password)

Where (password) is a password you choose.

All inventories are linked on all servers via Server Side Character.

Make sure to read up on the server for more information (you will need it)


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