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Survival Creative Kingdom Skyblock Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.x




Level up by using mcmmo and unlock crafting recipes such as cobat swords, jectpacks, and more. Explore the wilderness to find naturally generated structures to loot, and custom fruit trees that you can harvest to make unique foods. There are also lucky blocks scattered about the world. Break one open and see what you get. Kill the enderdragon and use its egg in a magical ritual that can boost any enchant up to level 10.

Build your way to the top in our creative server. There are 5 in game ranks you can achieve if the judges deem you worthy. Novice is your first rank and you start by building at /warp novice. Your plot will be judged by an admin or an owner, if they approve your plot then you rank up to student level and gain some World Edit permissions and a fancy tag :D There are also free build plots at spawn if you just want to play around.

Collect resources for your kingdom and fortify your defenses by purchasing turrets, kingdom guardians, ally buffs, and more. Raid other kingdoms to steal land and kingdom points. Choose a skill class to learn special abilities that may help you in battle. You can even find soul gems as rare mob loot and use them to create a godly weapon.

SkyPrison is a unique mixture of skyblock and prison. There are 18 in game ranks. Mine, grind, or farm your way to the top of the ranks, gaining special commands and abilities every step of the way. Do /is to create your very own island or if you dont want to go solo, join a friends island team.

Explore the wilderness and try to survive the unforgiving nights while gathering resources to expand your home base. You may use lockette in the wild, or claim a plot for added security. Rank up using McMMO and craft magic items such as wands. Also, discover many other unexpected easter eggs within the game.


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