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Survival PvP Kingdom Minigames Factions Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12


Since 2012, WreckedCrusade Minecraft server is built on a very simple but very effective core idea - that awesome gameplay should be the focus of development and maintenance. Weve gone through multiple maps, updates, and plugin sets, always trying to find that delicate balance of fun, challenge, and drive. Weve been around since alpha, and weve learned a lot. This server has been a lot of things for a lot of people, but its always been a good time.
Today we feature a vast 16,000 by 16,000 map sprawling from edge to edge with beautiful custom biomes, hand-painted and lovingly crafted to bring the sense of adventure and vast scale that you may recall from your first days of Minecraft. Some residents have built towns and gathered the resources to construct their own waypoints, which you can unlock the ability to fast-travel to by venturing there yourself. Much of the landscape is yet unexplored, and each week new adventures are introduced.
For those who enjoy a good challenge, the overworld is bustling with deep caves, and the monsters that come out at night will be no allies. PvP arenas let you challenge your friends and humiliate your foes - paying you out for putting up a good fight. The Underdome and Woodland arenas let you demonstrate your gladiatorial might against wave after wave of things that go bump in the night, with spoils to those who entertain. Vast parkour challenges, one of which has only been completed by one player in the history of the server, will spare you no mercy. Unrelenting instanced temples will push you to your limits, giving you fame and fortune if you show the world that you are a true hero. Accumulate enough might and you can unlock ancient secrets, letting you use magic spells to control the world around you.
We think its important to foster a strong community, and our player ranks are thus tied to activity on the server. As you continue to build your legend and establish your presence, you will earn your way to glory and prestige.
Often times its the little things that make the biggest difference, and we have a plethora of precisely tuned pieces that keep the cogs turning. Little tweaks to the basics of Minecraft and bigger underlying systems designed to reward you for playing the game your way. We want players to have fun and enjoy themselves in a world that feels ready for conquest and adventure.
Were a mature survival server, which means we wont teleport you across the world - youve got to make the trek yourself. You might die, but youll get right back up again and keep fighting. Thats what the game is all about, after all. There are plenty of resources and friends to help you out on your adventures, but only you can keep yourself alive.

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