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Survival Creative PvP Factions Cracked Version 1.8


TaterLand [Survival] [Creative] [PvP] [Faction] [New] Join in TaterLand Now.

Join TaterLand Now.

This is a really fun server to play with all of the people here.
The Staff here are very kind.
You can meet people here and be friends with them.
There is Factions here so just choose one of them and ask for an invitation to join in.

The Rules are really simple:

1 - Be Respectful
2 - Use Common Sense
3 - If Not Yours, Dont Touch it

So, what are you waiting for?
Join Now. (The IP is at the Top)
Have Fun and Enjoy.


Mob Arena:

The next server element players may enjoy spending some time in is the Mob Arena. Why would anyone use it if they can just kill mobs in the wild? Well for starters its a safer way to get experience points (XP) for those who dont have access to a mob spawner block. Secondly it gives the contestants cash prizes for completing the waves. Third its just fun and once you play a few rounds with your buddies youll see what I mean. The mob arena is fast paced and has 5 character classes to choose from. There are player accessible chest on the arena floor which allows the players to acquire additional battle items and in a way change their class mid battle. As well as to utilize the tools of other classes and vice versa. This adds a special element that I have not seen implemented in other mob arenas so far. Players may continue to spectate the battle once they have been eliminated or type a simple command in chat to leave.


If you have never head of the word spleef dont feel bad, its not a common plugin. Most server owners/administrators dont use it in order to keep the plugin count low. Here at Taterland however we aim to please and figured why not build and setup a spleef arena. Taterlands spleef is not your average flat room to chase players around in. This arena was custom built by our in house staff member Zenthung and the plugin setup, permissions, and flag work was done by yours truly :sick: Our spleef arena is unique in that the players must find each other first before the block breaking escapade can begin. There is only one floor to the arena which is cut into 4 sections divided by walls which creates a maze the players must go through. Players use a diamond shovel to break the snow floor out from under the competition and the last man standing wins. Currently the spleef arena does not pay out any prizes or XP, its merely just for fun.

Parkour Course

Everyone likes parkour right? Okay maybe not but we do have this attraction as well. It was just recently given a facelift and repositioned to correct for improper planning on its placement. At the moment the course is locked out until flag and warp work is done on the courses pre-spawn area. Due to the relocation of the entire building. For those who dont know what a Parkour course is, its a mini game where a player jumps from platform to platform and tries to not fall off in to the water below. This minigame offers the winner a cash prize of 500 in game cash for reaching the top. Flying and such is disabled within the course.


Update: 1.8


Spawn Shop Redone


Offering free creative, info at link


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