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Cube Prison.

Welcome to Cube Prison. The goal of the prison server is to GAIN MONEY by doing various things such as mining, chopping trees, PVPing, selling things in order to work your way up the Ranks Ladder to freedom and luxury.

There are regular evens such as PvP, Mob arena, Parkour challenges that you can win PRIZES on.Of-coursethis is held by our team of brilliant staff members that are online everyday and available 24/7 on the forums and Skype.

We have a big selection of Players and Staff that try to make the Cube Prison community a great atmosphere for all players no matter what. We believe that everybody should be able to go onto any Minecraft server and feel welcomed and at home, Cube Prison is the place for that.

Rank information

There is currently 24 unique ranks, and lots more ranks are to come in the future so make sure to stay tuned and keep playing.

You can visit our website at and also we have a Teamspeak with multiple channels that anybody can come on and CHAT to players and staff. Feel a bit unsociable and just want to speak to your friends? No problem. You are able to create your own private TeamSpeak channels if you please that only you and your friends can join. :)

We have also recently started doing DAILY OFFSITE BACKUPS, so if any incidents occurred on the server that was fatal then there will always be a backup to fall back on :).

Visit the TeamSpeak at

Visit the server at our IP -

We hope to see you in-game soon, we love having new players JOINING the community.

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