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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Minigames Factions Cracked Version 1.8


Strongholdcraft is a factions server (and creative server) with friendly staff and a lot of custom plugins. Weve been around for about 2 years, and here are some of our features:
-Dedicated server with 32gb of ram, an E3-1270v3, and 2 120gb SSDs
Custom Features:
-Click a player in chat to send them a message, or hover over to see their real name and faction
-Custom Faction Menu (use /fm) so you never need to know faction commands
-Custom server battle plugin (scrolll down for details)
- Mob Arena
-Custom NPC Shop
-Custom Items (Egg grenades, Nether Pearls, Throwing Axes)
-12 Custom Weapon Enchants, 5 Custom Mining Enchants
-Custom referral plugin
-Custom trade plugin (shift-right-click to trade)
-All 1.8 blocks except the armor stand
-Flying and super-speed at spawn
-/nv and /wb (nightvision and waterbreathing) for everyone not just donors
Other Features:
-Automated 1v1 arena with ratings (use /arena join)
-Obsidian destroyer
Custom Weapon Enchants:
-Assassin: Chance to become invisible for 2 sec on hit
-Crusader: Chance to increase strength for 2 sec on hit
-Lifesteal: Chance to steal life on hit
-Creeper: Chance to blow your enemy up (does 4 hearts dmg) on hit
-Freeze: Chance to freeze your enemy on hit for 2 sec
-Poison: chance to poison your enemy on hit
-Lightningrod: chance to strike your opponent with lightning on hit
-Shockwave: chance to knock people around you back on hit
-Slow: chance to slow enemy on hit
-Starve: takes away from your opponents hunger on hit
-Blind: chance to blind your enemy for 3 sec on hit
Custom Mining Enchants (levels from 1-15):
-Explode: a small explosion when you mine, will automatically put blocks in your inventory
-Haste: mine speed increased on mining (the time its increased based on level)
-Speed: run speed increased on mining (the time its increased based on level)
-Nightvision: night vision on mining (the time its increased based on level)
Custom Armor Enchants:
-Gears: run faster
-Springs: jump higher
Custom Items:
-Egg Grenade: made from gunpowder and an egg, will explode after 4 seconds and spread fire
-Nether Pearl: made from nether wart and a nether pearl, will shoot you in whatever direction youre moving. Be careful when jumping
-Throwing Axes: Exactly what they sound like. Just combine an axe and a feather
Every 15 minute a new war will start. Just click where it says to click and youll join the battle. After one minute the war starts, and the winner gets money.
Hit /refer [name] to refer someone. When they join, once theyve played for an hour, they can used /referred [yourname], and you get $5000 ingame. The person you referred also gets $1000 to help start their adventures on SC.

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