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Hello and welcome to StrykaCraft. We are a server that is over 2 and a half years old. No pvp or grief allowed. We have nice experienced staff and a good community. Our goal is to have a pack that is balanced equally between magic and tech without sacrificing PC efficiency. This has been accomplished by testing our pack on lower systems. We understand that not all people can afford the latest greatest alien ware to run a simple pack on. The requirement to make our pack run pretty efficiently is to have 2 gigs ram set in the tekkit launcher and to tamper with settings. Here is the webpage where you can get more info We also have lore and a story to our server it used to be the dominant aspect now it isnt ut it can come back if enough people want it. To try out the pack go here. We all hope to see you in game. I would sit here and rattle off the mods we have but 60 mods is quite a bit to go through. So just pop on by and try it out.

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