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Welcome Dimensional Travelers to Omnicraft Corps Colonist Volunteer system.

A wonderful world awaits, full of opportunity, adventure, and enjoyment. We have recently opened a gateway to a new dimensional pocket and need your help to colonize and tap the natural resources of this new reality. We offer a world for towns through the Towny protection system as well as LWC protection for all of your valuables. Omnicrafts material resources are low so buying from our administration shop is expensive, but you can sell your gathered items to us for credits. We also encourage you to open shops of your own using the Signshop system. We have a really small Banned and Restricted item list, we believe in freedom but not destruction. The Economy is important to us and stability is our #1 concern. Come join us today and help build a better tomorrow.
Banned Items:

Chunk Loader - Potential lag
Land Marks - Potential lag
Dynamite - Griefing bypass
Cannon Balls - Griefing bypass
Turtles - Griefing bypass
Lux Capacitor - Griefing bypass
Rocket Launcher - Griefing bypass
Fishing Rod (MineFactory) - Griefing bypass
Matter Cannon - Griefing bypass
Battle Axe - Overpowered PvP bypass
Interdiction Matrix - Overpowered PvP bypass
Auto Workbenches - Banned item bypass
Slimeling Inventory - Bag Duplication glitch
Minium Stone - Prevent economy inflation
Flails - Server Error, Player Crashes
Force Field Projector - Server errors, server lag, ultimately server crash

We are currently working on ways to unban as many of these items as possible, as well as keeping as many items unbanned as possible. Please be patient.

Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors are disabled due to random dimensions causing server crashes and errors.

Thank you,
Omnicraft Corp CEO.

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