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Welcome To -=[IslandCraft]=-

Welcome to Islandcraft. We are a server that is focused on making Minecraft realistic. We are known for our boats and the server has actually gotten popular off of them. We recently went under a major overhaul and gave the server a "2.0 Upgrade". We added 2 new worlds for you guys to enjoy like out new plotworld and out build teams build yard. Our spawn city is currently closed as the island is still being worked on, and that is why you cannot escape the building at spawn. Spawn will be open once the island is complete. Our plotworld is where you can apply to be a part of the IC build team, you can have up to 3 plots and once you are done, you can flag down an admin to judge it and see if you can join our team. Our build yard is where the team builds, its a vast flat world that only team members can build on. You can explore it as much as youd like and see what our members are up to. We hope you enjoy your stay here at IslandCraft, please let us know if you have any questions.

Server History-

This is a server that started out small, and is now a server full of people. it started out with Hamachi, being run about 2 hours a day, but as more people wanted to play, I made Hamachi run all day. but yet, that still wasnt enough, I had to port forward, and on July 15th, I happened. IslandCraft was no longer Hamachi, and was running off a port as a stable server. 2 days after the port forward, we were confronted my another IslandCraft who claimed they owned the name. for 2 days, IslandCrafts name was changed to "IsleCraft", but, someone helped us out, and got our name back also threatening a counter sue toward the other IslandCraft. the name was changed back, and we still thank him to this day. As the demand for 24/7 grew, I talked to a person about funding. luckily, they said they would pay, and IslandCraft became bigger. We were about 6 months into the 24/7 feature, and we decided we needed something new and fresh, so we came out with the IslandCraft 2.0 Upgrade. This upgrade gave us 2 new worlds, the build world and the plotworld. The plotworld was added so that people had an easier way to apply to our build team. And the build yard was added so that people didnt have to build on the main world, making it so the chances of a spawn greif very unlikely. We also reset the worlds and ranks to have a fresh start, were still working on some permissions, but other than that the server is running strong, and we thank all those who support us.

How to apply for builder-

To apply for builder, you must go on the server and go to our plotworld [/warp PlotWorld]. From there, claim a plot, and build the best you can. Your build will be judged within 3 days of the build. When your build is complete, please leave a sign on the south side of the build letting the admins know that it is done. If you dont make it, you can still build in the plotworld.

Server Rules-

no spam

no asking for rank

no asking "CANZ I BIULDZ"

no cursing

no disrespect

no greifing

no racism

no pushing political/religious believes

have fun :)

Breaking these rules will result in a ban

Server Support/File a complaint-

If you ever need help from the server, email [email protected]

Complaint form-


"Why cant I build anything?."

Go to out plotworld and build there

"How do I build?."

Read the rules

"Can I have op?"

nope, enjoy your ban.

"Can you use my plugin pweese?"

Nope, because its most likely an op-me plugin

Why cant i leave spawn?
Because its still under construction

Why are my perms messed up?

Were still working on new rank perms

Our Website-

A website made with for online servers like Minecraft!
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