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Survival Creative Legal Version 1.7.10


We are hosting a server that is the version 1.7.10 in case anyone is curious. And when you spawn, be sure to read all the signs carefully and make sure you understand everything so there is no confusion when something does happen on the server.


1. No griefing, when we say no tolerance, we mean we will instantly ban anyone who breaks this rule. No second chances. If you were banned for griefing there is very little chance that you will be unbanned for this.
2. No flaming, do not insult and swear towards other players. Swearing and insulting mobs or whatever else is fine, just not other players.
3. No stealing, make sure you dont steal from others, if you are caught stealing from someone you will be banned and the victims items will be refunded.
4. No racism of any kind. You will be insantly punished if caught using racism. You will be warned only once.
5. No tresspassing/building near others land without permission.
6. No complaining/asking for staff positions. If we do something to someone you dont like or something doesnt work, you can tell us. Just dont spam us and constantly remind us, we WILL get mad. And asking for staff is an instant loss in any further chances of getting a higher staff position.


This a survival freebuild server, that means go build wherever you want to. (As long as it follows the rules.)
No PVP what-so-ever.

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