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Gamers Of Habit
RPG Faction Server Maeven
The Launch Of Maeven Is Now Here. Combining The Thrill Of Raiding And PvP With The Adventure Of RPG. Maeven Is A Complex World (Constantly In Development For New Content), In Which You Can Join Your Friends In Battle, And, When You Have A Spare Moment, Can Grind Out Those Mobs For Epic Loot. Many Things Are To Come To The World Of Maeven, Get Your Start Now.

Custom World
Dungeons with rewards (In Development)
Multiple Dimentions
Expandable world border
Hundreds of custom items to find
Different Tiers of items (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, etc...)
100% Custom Items (Can purchase a custom item name and droppable in server)
Boss mobs to defeat with a party
Have a chance to drop even better loot
Strong - Pose a challenge for one person (Recommend killing with party)
Numerous world-spawning "mini bosses"
Complete factions set-up
Everything you would expect from factions
Stable Economy with shops and auctions
Based on the US Dollar. No Loop-holes. Must work hard to make money
Tons more to come.
Survival Aspects
PvP Arenas
Creative Section

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