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GreenWavesPvP is a unique server that is inspired by all of the fun Ive had playing Minecraft. While I cant credit every server Ive played, my dream server is finally composed. It may seem weird, but here are the main features of the server:

~ Hardcore PvP: Thats right, deathbans. They arent harsh or anything, but if you die, thats one hour before you can log back in. If youre good at Minecraft, this shouldnt be a problem for you until you actively fight other players.

~ Endless Ocean Biome: The sea is the greatest. Sailing is therapeutic and interesting, I believe, which is why I enjoy it so. You may be sailing to get away from players, or sailing to find them. Either way, I prefer the sea to land.

~ Basic Economy: You can buy doubloons with real money, but if youre not into that, you could also just vote to get them. Doubloons buy you things that would be hard or impossible to get in the ocean world. You can view our shop to see whats available, or even suggest things to be added to the shop.

~ Two Admin Team: The dream team. I came up with the idea of this server a long time ago, and when I started to get to work on it, I told my buddy Jeiswirth about it, and he actually liked the idea of the server. Jeiswirth is the reason why this server isnt shoddily built. Or, well, hes the reason why it IS built.

~ Tight-Knit Community: Ive known a ton of these people for over a year, so you can imagine that this community is well-marinated. Dont feel intimidated to hop in, because new people only make it more fun.

~ Small Nether, Smaller End: Look, this isnt like, a good thing, but come on. If you build an end grinder, youve broke the purpose of the server. The Nether is a great place to get shanked by other players or find brewing supplies, so check it out.

~ Tawp64 is an admin: Wow.

Yeah, so, there are the perks. Im no poet, but I think its a pretty awesome concept. Its a nice balance of peace and war. I hope you guys dig it. If you have any questions, check out our forums and write on my profile, please.

Hey, have a great time on our server. I hope my unusual concept of a fun server applies to you all. Now, for some words from Jeiswirth, the brilliant tech-mind.


So, if something is broken, Im your guy. If something is missing, Im your guy. If youre bored as hell, Im your guy. Seriously though, great server. Revolutionary idea that hasnt been done before so hop on. Lots of fun to be had and lots of newbs to be killed.

- the real guy. the best guy.

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