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PvP Kingdom Vanilla Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


Hello There crafter.

Welcome to my new midieval roleplaying server.
In this server you can build the biggest castle you always wanted to build. Be stronger then anyone else,
and fight the Evil roleplay characters that wander around the world.

Together with your best friends you can join or create a kingdom and build a city as big as you dreams want it to be.

You can gear up, open daily crates, Find abandoned buildings in your kingdoms for hints about the Demons and Gods etc etc...

We try to update the server so if will not be boring to play. We use a custom world that you can find here :

The server is based on a Dutch roleplay server that was very popular a few years ago. We simple took the idea a bit further and are
trying to make alot of fun together.

Join the discord here :

We hope to see you on the server soon.

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