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Survival Creative PvP Factions Legal Version 1.7.4


Hey there this is Arcantizs Arcade a new next gen minecraft server. By next gen I mean its no pay-to-win for anyone. The Donor packages we sell on our Site is for cosmetics e.g. Pets, trails and nicknames. We also sell faction stuff when you buy a Donor kit, well you ask if its not a pay-to-win server why are there Donor kits well because the donor kits are all stuff you can obtain within vanilla minecraft they are not like Sharpness VIII or something ridiculous so technically you dont have to donate for these kits seeing as you can already get them within the game with your levels.


So now that thats through with lets talk about whats on the server Our server as you can probably tell has FactionsPVP with raiding allowed this means you can blow another players base to smithereens and loot all the goodies inside We also do give-aways Drop parties of donor kits and other good stuff there is also a world border so the chunks cannot cause you lag.


2nd is Survival the survival is named after famous youtuber Hgtpsh/PrawnStar and he died sadly a year ago and this survival is dedicated to him and it is community made so you guys pick what happens on there. This survival also works in a way abit like factions as in there are claim blocks that claim a certain area plus there is no PVP so I guess this is for people who dont want to be raided and killed alot :).


And last but not least Minigames this is something we come up seeing as we can create these really fun but wacky games Currently this is closed due to a lack of games (ironic huh?) soon there will be alot more

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