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Survival PvP Factions Legal Votifier Server Version 1.2.5


OutLawPvP is a brand new faction server, which contains challenges like mazes, parkour and fighting other players. The world is border is 15k so there is plenty of space to build your base, but your never truly safe. The world contains every biomes just in case your picky about that. If your looking for a fun, challenging, exciting server to join then OutLawPvP is the server for you. You can invite your friends or go solo its all up to you. Raiding is aloud so if your not interested in finding your own materials you can steal others if you can get in their base that is. The kit starters are not op just in case your looking for a real survival feel. Youll spawn in a Greek temple looking out in the ocean, if you decide to go to the basement of the temple you will be in a enchantment room that you can enchant up to level 30 and 20 so you can enchant even if your not level 30. When you move out of spawn there will be another huge Greek temple with a few doorways that lead to different parts of spawn on leads to the docks so you can fish or buy fish and ink. Others will lead to the shop, so you can use your in-game money to buy materials. You can earn money by selling materials, completing Parkour and Mazes. If your tired of being a member you can write an application explaining why you want to join and what your skills are. If you want more materials and a rank, but you dont want to be a responsible mod or admin, and dont have to worry about big decisions you can donate which will give you a new rank and more materials and weapons to build your base or kill your enemies.


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