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Survival PvP Prison Legal Votifier Server Version 1.7.9


EndGame Prison

Server Version is 1.7.9 or 1.7.10.

Miners and crafters… may I present… Stressed Prison. We have been working almost 24 hours a day for 5 months on this server to bring you the best prison experience around. Why are we different? Well, the best way to find out would be hopping on, but If you refuse, here’s a list of plugins, addons, configurations, and innovations on our server.

Money Systems:
On EndGame, We have three money systems. Your typical, everyday /bal cash, vote tokens, and EndGame Tokens. /bal is mainly used to rank up and with player to player money transactions. Vote tokens can buy you over powered pickaxes, tools, weapons, potions, and rare blocks at the Voting Warp. EndGame Tokens can buy you some of the best items in game, that is, if you can find the hidden villagers that buy them. :P

Armor and Weapons:Crafting weapons, armor, and tools will always be around. However, we have custom armor sets hidden around the world at different mines. Looks out for them.

Mines: Most prison servers don’t put much effort into their mines. Some keep the same mines and use world edit to copy them 26 times. We assure you that each one of our mines was made with love, by a hardworking and experienced building staff. All mines also include beacons underneath them, that you have to hollow out to receive haste effects. The mine contents are balanced, and ensure a gameplay that doesn’t end too soon, or make you work too hard to rankup.

Mob Arena:That’s right, we have a mob arena, but we’ll be making more if it’s popular. And, did I mention that the classes are 100% customizable? Because they are. Want a bow and iron armor? Go for it. Want 10 Gapples and a wood sword? Why not? You can choose from all sets of armor, multiple potions, all swords, a bow, a horse, a wolf, and even some tnt. KABOOM. Blam-o. No more mobs, lol. And, you get paid. What’s more fun than killing things and making money? Nothing comes to mind. Be sure to check that out.

Other Beneficial Plugins:Here’s a list of other plugins you’ll want to know about:

Plotworld: Available to all players, you can have your own personal plot. But, when visitng someone’s shop, be careful, they could have scams. There’s fall damage in the plotworld, and various tricks with the sign shop, so make sure you don’t get fooled, and watch what you’re buying. Second Plot is unlocked at M Rank.

Auction: At the auction, you can sell anything and everything for free. Make sure to always use /auc info, because someone could be using an anvil to sell you a fake item.

Server Rules:
1: Respect Players And Staff.
2: No “Hacks” or “Mods” That Make The Game Easier. Some Allowed Mods include: Fullbright, Shaders Mod, Better Animations, Better Sprinting.
3:No Irl Scamming (Legit Money).
4:No Spamming.
5:No Advertising Other Servers.
6:No Excessive Use Of Caps Lock.

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