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Kingdom Legal Version 1.4.7


Hey welcome to are Server this is a TekkitLite/Bukkit server


We are BACK.... with new IP, World and Server

(Warning: if you are offended by any of the actions commuted in our community, dont blame us. its your issue and not ours.)

Rules:no begging, no griefing*, no combat logging, and no xray. also,profanity is allowed as long as its not raciest, sexist, homophobic, or sexually offensive/graphic

plugins: Simple Backup, Simple-Auto-save, Vault, Stargate, WorldGuard, Lottery, iConomy, ClearLag, Votifier, mcMMO, Essentials, StargateCommand, StarGate-DHD, SignShop, LWC, SignshopHotel ,Factions

There is no dd or misty craft.

nukes are banned. thats it.

there are people from all over the world playing so there is no real crowd.

just a server for the people who get baned for there cussin and lookin for a smaller server.

griefing is allowed if there is no faction claiming it.(the land not being claimed)

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