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Creative Legal Version 1.8.1


1. There is absolutely no griefing or hacking allowed. Griefing or Hacking = Instant Perma Ban.
2. Do not beg for promotions. Politely request staff for reviews. Others may share opinions but the staff always has the final word.
3. Treat one another with respect and follow all staff members instructions.
4. Be mature. That means NO Racism, Homophobia, Sexism or Harrasment of any kind.
5. Dont spam or advertise in chat. You will be kicked until you stop or banned if you dont.
6. Offensive builds are NOT allowed Such as Swastikas, Genitalia, Offensive Words or Signs.
7. Be mindful of your neighbors when you build. If you plan to build big, be sure theres room for you to expand.
8. Extensive railway systems that leave your build area/town/city is not allowed.

▪ 500+ copies of server backups equipped with RAID 1 to ensure that your work is never lost.
▪ PlotMe plots are always protected whether you are online or not.
▪ Any form of griefing can be rolled back by our friendly staff.
▪ An amazing community of mature players who love to socialize and have fun.
▪ We do NOT tolerate nor encourage elitism which unfortunately is common among many other Minecraft servers.
▪ Unlimited plots, homes and space for your imagination to flourish.
▪ Ideal server for young adults to adults. Chat is adult/mature-oriented. Not recommended for children. You have been warned.
▪ A comprehensive list of commands at your disposal to experience all that Minecraft has to offer. COMMAND LIST]

Server Specs:
i7 2600k OCed to 4.7GHz
1TB SSD for server
Two 3TB HDDs in RAID 1 for backups
24/7 Uptime

Spawn: Community-built world for newcomers.
Trial: PlotMe world for Builder ranks.
Gallery: Exceptional Trial builds are shown here for Builders to see.
GRID 1.0: Naturally generated land pre-1.7 biome update. Accessible to Architects and above.
GRID 2.0: Amplified generated land post-1.7 biome update. Accessible to Architects and above.
Outer Space: "The final frontier..." Accessible to Architects and above.
Flatlands: 128 x 128 PlotMe world. Accessible to Architects and above.
Earth: 1:1500 scale map of the Earth. Accessible to Dreamers and above.
VS & WE Training: VoxelSniper and WorldEdit training ground for Dreamers and above.

ALL Explosive Damage, Fire spread, Lava Flow, Monsters, Mob Egg Spawns, Melting Ice, Weather

Core Plugins:
WorldGuard: Become an Architect and we can protect your builds
CoreProtect: Block-logger. Admins and Mods can rollback any griefing
Mcbans: Keeps those pesky griefers, hackers and trolls out. Minimum required reputation is 8
NoCheat+: Detects and prevents cheaters and hackers from exploiting the server
Dynmap: Dynamic real-time Day and Night map, refreshed in real-time
PlotMe: Plot manager that allows players to claim their own plots
WorldEdit: Earn Dreamer rank and this will become available to you.
VoxelSniper: Already a Dreamer and want more? Donate for this massive terraforming/sculpting tool.

FUN Plugins:
JumpBlocks: Toggle on and bounce on sponges like trampolines
Travel Portals: Link your world with others and instantly jump back and forth
Chairs: Sit in chairs and enjoy a chat with your buddies
neoPaintingSwitch: Scroll-able paintings. Mouse scroll to find the painting you want
Microblocks: Quick and easy decorative heads
EasyElevator: "Ding." Real, working elevators for your buildings

Cant chat or modify the world. Must read all signs and accept rules to become Builder.
Access to Trial PlotMe world in creative mode. Impress us with your trial build and we will promote you to the next rank up.
Access to all Architect worlds via /warp hub and a large list of additional commands become available.
Access to ALL our worlds. This rank allows you to use WorldEdit and VoxelSniper in Dreamer specific worlds.
Evaluates builds and promotes Builders.
Bans rule-breakers, rolls back griefs and keeps the community running smoothly.
Administrates server, fixes technical issues and finds ways to improve the server.

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