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Survival PvP Cracked Version 1.3.2


Avaloncraft is a fresh, new, fun server. It has many plugins for players to use to make their Minecraft experience that much more better! Some plugins are well known, others are custom made by the server\'s plugin developers. There is many things to do in Avaloncraft. Some include just building a secluded base, or griefing others\' bases.

The server\'s plugins are listed below, with a tiny description.

Factions: Allows you to protect land from other players.
McMmo: Allows you to increase the level of certain skills.
NoCheatPlus: Stops players from cheat.
Iconomy: Allows to buy and sell items.

Server Rules:

1.) Respect Others Verbally. (Don\'t trash talk)
2.) Griefing Server Builds Isn\'t Allowed. (Griefing Things Not Made By Average Players)
3.) Griefing Otherwise is allowed.
4.) Spamming isn\'t allowed.
5.) Hacking, Mods, Glitches, Exploits aren\'t allowed.
6.) Don\'t ask for ranks.
7.) Don\'t anger staff or other people.
8.) Do not abuse your powers.

Server Ranks:

Visitor: Just joined.

Adventurer: Is Registered on the website , got more commands .

Explorer: Commands from visitor, adventurer, and more. [see server]

Warrior: Visitor +adventurer + explorer Commands

Gladiator: All ranks below, more new commands

Mod: A player who watches player the server and makes sure all players are playing fair.

Admin: Makes the server\'s major decisions.

HeadAdmin: Makes sure Admins are doing there job right.

Owner: Makes sure everyone is playing fair

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