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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


Hello. We are glad to announce that Sequoia is ready (for the most part) and that we are ready for release. The release we have picked out will be tommorrow, January 4th, 4:00PM EST time.
Wondering what server features there will be?
Sequoia will have the following features and more:
- The old Praxis map (1:1000) but significantly upgraded, having volcanoes, swamp biomes, more mountains added, a snowy Alps, Australia is inhabitable, and much more.
- Vehicle progression system will be implemented, where the higher you go in ranks will let you access more vehicles.
- Non-donator progression system for player ranks based on playtime. New, Member, Veteran, and Pro ranks (listed chronologically).
- Chance to behead players when killing them
- Create images from irl into Minecraft using /tomap
- Classic /sit, /lay commands
- Shop will be a GUI shop (/shop), meaning no more extra teleporting to spawn endlessly and no limit to how many items we can fit in shop.
- Green chat.
- Enjin forums
- /tpa for the first month
- and more.
So, come join us if you can. You can follow this countdown which will end when the server releases:
We hope to see you there.

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