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Survival Creative PvP Cracked Version 1.7.2


The JKC-Craft server is a nice server with alot of cool features.

And soon also hungergames.[/CODE]

Multiple worlds.:
1.7 survival
1.6 survival
A rollercoaster island.[/code]

Cool ranks like:
This is the default rank.
With this rank you can:

Build in the 1.6 survival world
Build in the plot world
Get 3 free plots.
Add people to your plot.
Play Blockhunt
Play Paintball
Ask for help
Use /AFK
Get the tools kit for free.
Send mails
Send private messages
Pay people.
Use the /ping command (join the server to see what it does XD)
Use click signs
Use the /spawn command
Use /tpa
Commit suicide
Warp to every warp.
Create a list of all warps
Create locked chests, doors, trapdoors, furnaces and more. with a sign.
Get access to treasure chests.[/code]

The builder rank is a rank which you earn when you build awesome and huge builds.

This rank gives you these extras:
Use the /back command (teleports you to your previous position)
Use the itemdb command to lookup block ids data and more
The possibility to use colored text
The recipe command. (to get crafting recipes)
A mobile workbench. never take one with you again, just use /workbench.
The chance of losing your head when you die, and get it as a block.
Wear hats.[/code]

The VIP rank is a rank which gives you VIP privileges.
This rank costs �10,- ($13,66) and you will keep it FOREVER, no monthly costs.

This rank allows you to:
Get a VIP tag in the player list
Mobile enchanting
Mobile enderchest
Mobile firework creator.
Get the location of other players.
Ignore player who annoy you.
Join the server even when it is full.
Use the /jump command.
Get a nickname.
Use the powertool.
Repair all your stuff in one command.
Set unlimited homes.
Use the speed command to go up to 10 times faster.
disguise as a (baby):
- chicken
- cow
- donkey
- horse
- pig
- sheep
- zombie
Get access to the 1.7 survival world.
Spawn in custom playerheads.

Helper is 1 rank below moderator.
The helper rank is kind of a helper of the moderators.

The helper rank gives you:
The tp command
the tphere command
See others money
get a compass to point at a player
gamemode (creative, survival and adventure)

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