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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.9


Our server only offers a Skyblock experience. We are very laid back and do not have a ton of plugins that force you to act in a certain way. Upon joining the server, all you need to do is type /is to start an island. The rest is up to you. There are many ways to evolve your island. We offer a market at spawn that will allow you to sell and purchase goods. You may also make your own shop on your island with the ChestShop plugin at any time. You can play alone or with friends. Each island can support up to 4 players and if you are a donator, 8 players. If you want some good tools, be sure to vote daily. You will earn 3 diamonds, 1 emerald, 1k in-game money, and 50 exp points. Top voter each months gets 1 mob spawner. Link your character to the website and receive 1 diamond block.

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