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MongcraftFactions is a new factions server started on 22nd May 2014. We aim to offer a server with very little lag, staff online at all times and a fun playing experience.

We aim to do this in a number of ways:

We have staff members who are online at all times, and who knows, if you help us grow maybe you will become a staff member one day.
A variety of fun plugins such as 24/7 Drop Parties (Not-OP, dont worry :)), Casinos where you can gamble, Auctions to sell your items and a variety of pvp plugins to keep PvP fair, fun and enjoyable.
As we grow, we aim to hold different events to keep players entertained. These may include, but are not limited to, Drop Parties, Youtube Competitions, PvP Competitions and Tresure hunts.
A long with the fun elements of the server, we also have a variety of plugins to stop hackers. This means that your minecraft experience is not destroy by some idiot using mods.
Importantly to us, we have a no tollerance approach to racism or bullying meaning this is a server safe for everyone to play on. If people are found to be ignoring the rules, they will be banned.

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