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All players of Matthijs(Noduck) his server have to follow the following rules. If not the player may be warned for ban of the server.

1 . The default mode between different teams is war, but war must always be declared before a player attacks another. This should be done while both players are at or near one of their fortresses or castles.

2 . A peace treaty between one or more teams may be made, but may also be broken . Never place to much trust in this.

3 . If a team already has a war with another team ( see point 1 ), war may not be declared by a third team unless this team has an alliance with one of the teams at war.

4 . If a building or village/city has been captured the emblem may NOT be removed. This must be done by a amdinistrator or moderator.

5 . Griefing is permitted, but not if it is done without reason or if it breaks other rules.

6 . You can find random houses and the like everywhere on the map they may be griefed , raided or claimed, for exceptions see rule 7.

7 . Exceptions to rule 6, Trade houses(Recognized by trade house on a sign above the entrance) , beginners land(Gigantic wooden plateau in the mountains ) , Fort Hemeiijsi(Look at the signs) and holy sites(That includes the spawn) .

8. Stealing is allowed without a declaration of war, as long as the person you steal from is online . (Note, dont forget the dynomap, you can be watched.)

9 . You may only enter or attack a claimed building with an emblem above it if the owner of it is online. Beware, entering a claimed building without permission of the owner can cause a declaration of war.

10 . If a person is offline you may do NOTHING with a claimed building of this person. Even if you declared war when that person was online.

11. Going Offline if war is declared on you is seen as pathetic.

12 . During a war, as the attacker, you may not go offline unless you return to a claimed building of yourself first. This is because of the place where you spawn when you come back online. Therefore make sure that you do not suddenly have to go offline during an attack.

13 . If you decide not to start in beginners land or if youve already used it future access to there is denied. This means it is off limits to non-beginners.

14 . Teams are allowed a maximum of 2 persons per team. If you want your castle or fort to be mounted by more then two people you should ask for it to the main team you swore fealty to or other kingdoms that swore their fealty to the same main team.

15 . The attacker should never have more people than the defender , the defender may have more people then the attacker. And equal amount of people on both sides is permitted.

16 . In war , the attacker may not die more then four times before a peace treaty must be proposed by the attacker. If it is accepted by the defending team, the attackers may only declare war on this team again once they
have had war with another team first. If the defenders deny the treaty the attackers can die up to 2 times before they have to repropose a peace treaty. This continues for every time the defenders deny it.

17 . Respect administrators and moderators.

18 . Perhaps the most important rule of all, play fair, keep it fun. Dont be dishonorfull(i.e. attacking a new player when you are a superpower and alike.)

19 . Any use of cheats = instant ban. No exceptions.

20 . Future rules can be added and must be accepted by all players, even if this means to adapt your Fortress or other claimed building.

21 . Stealing of a team if that team is already at war with another team is prohibited. Even if you have an alliance with one of the teams.

22 . Noduck , the owner, may not declare war. War can however be declared upon him. The exception is when Noduck is being taunted on via steal or griefing and the like.

23 . Team Noduck, Contains forts with a two-headed golden eagle as emblem. Red eyes on the eagle mean that its a normal fortress. Diamond eyes on the eagle mean this fortress or building count as a "miracle" and cannot be attacked or captured.

24 . If an admin or mod is engaged in "admin duty" (i.e. building random things, or other server-related stuff ) war may not be declared on them, The declaration of war should be postponed until the admin/mod is back in one of his/her buildings.

25 . If the defender surrenders during a war the attacker wins. The defender MUST surrender once his/her food sources in the building are destroyed, the outer wall of the building itself is partially destroyed and all the available beds are completely destroyed.

26 . If a team has just had war with another team, they may not declare war upon another team for the rest of that in real life day.

27 . If you decide to make an attempt to steal from someone you may only steal things that dont require griefing in order to obtain them. Exceptions are necessary griefings. (So a hole of 1x2 blocks enabling you to get in the building is allowed.)

28 . If you decide to steal from someone, you have to report the person and any stolen items to Noduck (through a screenshot of your inventory for example). This is to prevent players from stealing from players that are not online.

29 . If you attack someone, you can also decide to simply pillage. This means the enemy may be killed if necessary but it is not required. You wont be able to capture the building youre raiding. Instead you should aim for stealing as many most valuable things from the building.

30 . IMPORTANT RULE. Everyone has a main fortress or castle and possibly multiple secondary fortresses or castles. The main fortress or castle may be captured but this is different compared to secondary buildings. Ask a team before you attack them what their main fortress is. A secondary building can be griefed, raided, pillaged or claimed.
This all applies to a main building as well except that a main building may not be griefed unnecessarily and can not be calimed.

31. In addition to rule 30. You can capture a main fort, every 3 real life days that you are online and manage to keep it in your possession you will get a Lv 30 bonus. If you are unable to hold it for three consecutive days you will not get this bonus.

32. Emphatically Again, main buildings may NOT be unnecessarily griefed. (looting is allowed, unless it is excluded.)

33 . Admins, Mods and players may not build random houses close to other teams claimed buildings.

34 . If a person is inactive on the server (30 consecutive days of beings offline or only being online 1 time per 2 weeks) will lose all their secondairy buildings. Holidays/beforehand notice are exceptions to this.

35. The server owner must be in direct contact with all the players, so they should be skype contacts or email contacts.

36. All smaller kingdoms have to swear fealty to a main team. Main teams can command these smaller kingsdoms. However a smaller kingdom can decide to change fealty if they do not approve of the way the main team is treating them.

37. In order to be a main team you need to own a proper Castle and a proper village.

38. Swearing fealty to a main team means that team may not attack you unless you betray them.

39. A Castle is a big Fortress with great defenses and an innovative design. In order to call your fortress a castle you have to get Noducks permission.

40. Villages or Cities can be captured in a war just like any other building would.

41. A village or city has to be maintained, villagers will be spawned in it. If too many of them die you will lose your village or city bonus.

42. If a kingdom has declared its fealty to you you should help it as you feel just with your rescources. They will expect backup if war is declared upon them.

43. If a Main team declares war upon a kingdom the main team that that kingdom declared its fealty to MUST come and help as this counts as an official declaration of war between the two main teams.

44. If a kingdom declares war upon another kingdom the main team that that kingdom declared its fealty to is not required to help.

45. If a kingdom declares war upon a main team the main team that that kingdom declared its fealty to can either decide to stay out of it completely or decide to help it.

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