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Survival Creative PvP Cracked Votifier Server Version 1.7.9


The Pear-Network is made by a group of friends. We try to deliver the most fun gameplay as possible. We are constantly thinking ways to offer a better Minecraft experience. We do listen to our members, all opinions or requests are more than welcome. If you sre experiencing a problem, our staff will gladly assist you. Our friendly staff makes it really fun to play in one of our servers. We offer a few different gamemodes, all accesible through the hub server.

Battle each other in factions, there are practically no rules. Start your own faction with friends or strangers and become the biggest one in the server. There are constant battles, you wont get bored.

The name says it all, survive. Find shelter, food, hide from monsters. You dont have to worry about getting griefed, you have the possibility to claim land everywhere in the world.

Claim a plot in the creative server and build everything you can imagine. You can claim a unlimited amount of plots to build amazing this alone, or with friends.

Always wanted to have your own floating island? Thats what you do in our Skyblock server. Skyblock is the kind of gamemode our hardcore survivalers want to play.

Coming up:
What are we working on? Besides our frequent server tweaking and updating, we are also working on a minigames server. Which will offer all kind of minigames.

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