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Survival Creative PvP Legal Version 1.7.5


Welcome to the wonderful world of EndermanNation. EndermanNation is a brand new, out of the box server. We have just finished our Beta Testing phase and now need players. We are a do-all server We have something for everyone.We have over 35 plugins, custom formatted to our server.

As soon as you join, you&#39ll realize quickly how this is no run-of-the-mill server. We set ourselves apart from these other servers by providing a custom experiance that caters to all players.Once you join, you will have a choice of:

This a world set on normal difficulty. This world features the Factions plugin, for those more hard-core players.

This world is always day. You claim a chunk and no one can build on it. Buy upgrades for your chunk and live through Minecraft - the peaceful way.

Ahh yes, Skyblock. Every one has heard of it. But are you good at it? Deck out your floating island and become the best.

Our Plot-world allows you to claim a plot that no one else can build on. Build a house, a store, a castle, anything you can think of. As an added bonus, the best building become the spawn...

We also have many of the most popular plugins, most notably: McMMO, Factions, Plots, ChestShop, Lockette, Economy, HealthBar, Anti-Cheat and more.Come join us today and see why we deserve to be the BEST.

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