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CraftWorld Network.
A very well maintained, updated and lag free server.
Provides a collection of interesting gamemodes with several unique criterias.
A few gamemodes include Factions, Prison, Kitpvp, Skywars and Creative.
Monthly Tournaments and other events are frequent.
Factions: A great gamemode with multiple shops and ability to buy spawners ingame. Users are able to mine spawners using silk touch. MCMMO is also available for everyone on the server.
KitPvP: A large gamemode with a unique duel system and **Elo** based ranking and tournaments. Players have access to multiple kits and are able to fight in moshpits in a warzone area. Many ingame ranks that can be acquired by a certain amount of kills or a kill streak.
Prison: Many ranks to go through A-Free and good starting items to provide the best experience and comfort even in prison. Huge mines having different and unique ores/blocks, and after reaching free, players have the ability to access a ‘Free’ minecraft world where they can build, mine, and do anything available in a singleplayer world WITH friends.
Skywars: Fast paced games with many maps to choose from and / or ability to go in the random queue to let the game do the map choosing for you. Buyable ingame kits that are for every user (And also many free kits for new users).
Creative: Semi-World edit allowed for all players and very large building areas to provide the best place for players to use their creative ideas and implement on their builds.
**Rules include NO using any type of pvp advantage clients and there should be no inappropriate language used in the chat. Scamming is prohibited. Harassing other players, and racism will not be tolerated.
The server has almost no exploits and the community is kind and humble, join us now and finally have the experience you have always been looking for in a minecraft server.
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