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BaseBlast is a new gamemode for Minecraft developed by ItsVinc. As the name says your goal is to destroy the enemys base using PVP and playing tactical. Buy armor, healing potions and shovels to defend yourself and buy better swords to win every PVP fight.

Game description.
1. Choose a team
Standing in the red or blue doorways at spawn will assign you to the red or blue team. You will be warped to the map once you did this.

2. The Game itself
The Game itself is very simple. You will spawn at your own base and now its your goal to destroy the enemys defensive locations. You explode them by standing on the gold block in the middle of it, this will light up Redstone-Lamps. After all of them light up, the defense will explode. After destroying the defense, youll have to destroy the main building. This works the same way as destroying the defense, only that it will take longer.
When achieving this you have won the game.
Of course youll have to defend your own defensive locations and your main building buy using PVP. You can buy weapons, armor, health potions and TNT in spawn to defend you and to make a lot of damage. You also can buy shovels to hide yourself and maybe make tunnels.

3. What happens if I die?
As soon as you die in-game you will be warped to the death pool. To get out and respawn youll have to kill five monsters.

Have fun.

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