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PvP Legal Version 1.7.2


Server Name: DerpCraft
Server Locale: Ohio
Server Address/IP:
Version: 1.7.4
Game Play Type/s: [PvP] [OP Factions]
Additional Worlds: None


Description: DerpCraft is an amazing OP factions server that provides you with the best OP Items and ranks. we have the cheapest and most reliable rank you can buy and afford. do you know how OP are our ranks? we have a $5 rank that gives you /gamemode and many more we also have a lag free 24/7 server. If would join any OP server it would be this one and you know it :) Join Now.

PS: Did you know every vote link gives you $100,000?. we have 7.

Rules: You can Raid, You can Grief, You can Follow people from spawn and you can make traps. Dont Grief a Protected area, After Buying a rank do not abuse your powers, Do not change ranks of people in DerpDope(OP), Do not Advertise, Do not use Hacked Clients, Do not ask for Refunds, Dont Ask for Free OP, Ranks and Perks, Dont Swear at any Player who has a higher rank and finally Enjoy :)


Plugins: We have 39 Plugins in total and i wont list them all because its to much so the few are the basic ones like Essentials, WorldEdit, CoreProtect etc...

Owner: herobrine_creeps
Co-Owner 2: Dajani12MC
Co-Owner 3: sameh2000
Top Donator: I_PVP_GOD
Server Spawn Builder: playman
Server Helper: dylmil

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