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Hello Bukkit Members. I am here to release a server i have made with a friend. Titan Network. We have made it a prison and skyblock server. We need suggestions as well so we can make the server for fit for everybody.
We have a small community, and we would love to have you.
Point of the game:
You have done a seriously awful Crime. You are sent to prison. The objective to mine in the mines and do your hard work to pay off your debt. The higher in ranks you get, the more the ranks cost, But the more $$ you can make. PvP is allowed in some areas. When you vote it does give you Cash. And you have the potential to when some huge cash prizes.
Build the best island you can in the air as you can. You start with Limited resources and have challenges to complete. As you complete them you gain More items and levels. Level up your island by Putting down blocks. Certain challenges may require you to have a higher island level before you can do or complete the challenge. Good Luck.

When you get online, You can do /vote and vote on the servers. Planet Minecraft and Minecraft servers are the 2 most important to vote on. As we get lower in the ranks on those site we are giving prizes to the people who are on. Thanks for considering to join us.

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