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Survival PvP Legal Version 1.7.5


VirtuaMC is a Faction PvP server with alot of features to enhance the normal Faction vs Faction experience. Some of these features include: DiabloDrops, EnchantmentAPI with some enchantments from the EnchantmentPack, and minigames such as MobArena and Survival Games with rewards to add to your survival adventure as well. There are more features than just this so come on and check them out.

IP: or


ApocEndReset- Resets the enderdragon to fight him over and over.

BuyCraft- Lets you donate to the server to keep it up and running.

ChestCommands- A handy little interface plugin, Ive made the shop and other menus with this plugin

ChestShop- Mainly used in MobArena to sell you items but can be used by players to make shops of their own (use for your faction maybe ))

CoreProtect- Lets me reset any little "mishaps" I might encounter with greifing

DiabloDrops- Mobs have a small chance of spawning with armor, that you can get.

EnchantmentAPI/EnchantmentPack- Adds over 20 new enchantments, a list of them are written in the servers plugin book that is handed out at spawn.

Essentials- This one is ummm lets say "essential"?

Factions- Team up with your friends and fight off enemy factions.

HeadDrops- Kill a player, get their head.

KRandomTeleport- If your a donator you can find a sign that allows you to randomly teleport to a random location randomly

KitPlugin- Lets me make kits for you guys.

LinksOnSigns- I wonder what this one does...

Lockette- Protect your chests by putting a sign on it.

MobArena- Fight off waves of mobs in an arena.

OnlyKillMoney- Get money for killing stuff (doesnt work on players which is quite irritating for me)

ScoreboardStats- That thing on the right side of your screen on the server.

SkyChest- Punch a chest and its automatically organized.

SurvivalGames- Hunger Games in Minecraft

floAuction- Lets you set up auctions to trade with other players

iConomy- The money plugin

mcMMO- Adds skills that you can level up with abilities to make your experience interesting.

Multiworld- Lets me manage the multiple worlds I have.

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