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Survival Legal Version 1.7.4


Our Offical I:P Is:
You can connect to it soon. We are using as a temp i.p

A survival server where only the strongest live. spawn in the horrific zombie world, find items to survive, join or even create your own team. Complete quests for people to earn various rewards. Buy guns and ammo to make you the fittest survivor. Cant carry any more items? Then store it in our bank so you can keep them safe. Buy and sell items in shops around the world. Buy a plot to make the bestest base and a place to store your items. The map itself is 2000 x 2000 blocks big, With hidden chests all over the world with random/custom loot which respawn every hour.

Sign up to our website to post and comment on threads. You can also look at our:

- Communtiy
- Rules
- Crafting
- Ranks/Staff Ranks
- Gallery
- Donate
- Vote
- Texture Pack

Website Link: Click Me

Our texture pack is highly recommended as it has custom textures such as guns, food, weapons and armor. It also has its own sounds and much more.

We hope to see you on the server.

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