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Survival PvP Legal Version 1.7.2


Hunted Target is a server based on what the players like.
No plugins that protect your items or yourself. You got to make friends or cover your tracks to stay alive.
We have made a whole to-do plan before we started with the server because we wanted to make a successful community.
Unlike the standard PvP/Raid server we have goals to accomplish and we try to host a lot of events that make Hunted Target worth to play on.

You can get certain ranks by having a certain amount of in-game money and playtime. With these ranks youll get new features such as commands, kits and special abilities. You can get money by selling your items to the shop buy most of them will rip you off or dont even buy the item your selling. Thats why weve added the Auction plugin so you can sell your items to other players. This way the players can control the economy a little bit more.

The events we are thinking about:

- Highly valued escorts guarded by Hunters that you can raid, but the Hunters wont give up that easily and you have also have competition from other players.

- Town/Villages/Castles which you can siege, get loot from, build your base or completely destroy.

And of course you can give us suggestions by making a topic at our forum

Just check out our server and see if you like it..



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