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Hello everybody,
I am the owner of PhyrusCraft and I want to give you some information about our Survival server.

First what kind of server are we and what do we do to make the server liked for a lot of people?
The answer is really easy. We are a Survival server with plugins like: Towny, mcMMO, Lockette, Craftbook, Auctions, Chestshop, MobDisguise. We have a friendly staff and people who can help you with problems. Also if people have questions about adding plugins or people want plugins into the server we are open for it just give jordin88 (owner) a tip about it. And the staff will look for the plugin.

Why do you need to choose us? Thats very simple. We are a server with passion for minecraft and we want to make a great server. Our servers are lagg free and our server is a dedicated server with 100 slots.

Ranks, Yeahs talk about ranks. We have 2 different rank systems.

Number 1: In-game rank system: What is this? This is a system that looks at the amount of money you have if you have $10.000 you can use the command /rankmeup and your next rank is Builder. But the funniest thing about this is that you dont need to pay $10.000 because the system wants you to have $10.000 on your bank account. Also we have Veteran it costs $25.000.

Number 2: Donating ranks: What is this? This is a system that works on our website and server you need to buy a rank at our website (real money) and then you are going to be automatically get the rank you buyed.

Also we have some packs and kits to buy for you guys at our website.
Website link is:

Owner jordin88 wishes you a nice stay at PhyrusCraft Minecraft Server.
Hope to see you soon online.

PLUGINS: Towny, mcMMO, CraftBook, MobDisguise, lockette.

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