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Survival PvP Legal Version 1.7.4


Hey, welcome to the MassPrison PMC server page.
We are an unique prison themed server.
Our IP is: (We will get a custom IP soon)
Our website is:
You can find some information about our server here.
Hope to meet you on the server :)


A Prisoner
This is the default rank. In the A block you can find two different mines. One being a stone mine with small amounts of coal and iron. The other mine is a wood mine. You can kill some pigs in the pig farm to get food. You can find small rentable cells, furnace rooms and a parkour course in the courtyard of block A.

B Prisoner
This is the second rank you can achieve. It will cost you $10.000 to get this rank so you will need to do some work in the mines of the A block first. When you reach this rank you get access to better mines. The stonemine from block A is now long gone because in block B you have a sandstonemine with iron, coal and lapis. The woodmine gets a nice upgrade as well. Instead of a pigfarm you get a cow farm as well as a cactus farm. There are furnace rooms next to the mine.

C Prisoner
The third rank costs $30.000. In the C block there is a stone mine filled with redstone ore, redstone blocks, iron and glowstone. Mining the redstone will be a fairly quick way to earn money. If you are tired of mining you can buy a fishing rod and go for a fishing tour. You can find a cell block with bigger cells that you can rent for yourself. And as usual, there are furnace rooms next to the mine.

D Prisoner
The fourth and last rank before you get released is D prisoner. The rank costs $90.000 to achieve. The mine in the D block will blow your mind. In the mine there is iron, gold, lapis, diamond and snow. A lot of snow. Next to the snow mine you will find a wood mine that has some glowstone in it. There are obviously furnace rooms there as well. Across the courtyard you will find a pumpkin farm. The cell block that D prisoners get access to is quite an upgrade to the cells you could rent earlier.

Being released is the dream of every prisoner. To get released you will need to be a D prisoner with $200.000. When you are Free you get access to the free world. You can obviously visit the prison to gather resources or just earn money.

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