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Our server currently has four different servers within our network. All of them are customly worked on and are very well made. The servers we have at the moment are as follow: Factions on factions we have mcMMO, a 20,000 block world border, and a nice starter kit to get you into the game. A custom made tokens plugin to buy items with tokens that you have earned from killing any hostile mob. Some of the items include mystery crates that include... Mysteries. Mini Games Right now, this is just one minigame that is completely custom that the owner himself made, it is called tribe wars. The objective of the game is to hold on to a crown until you get to 60 points. There is pvping in the game, and different sorts of power-ups. Skyblock The skyblock server was just recently added two days ago, and has custom plugins to make a unique economy on the server. There are also custom islands that are all unique to each player. Kit Pvp This kit pvp server is completely custom made, you start off with one kit called Warrior. Once you have made enough money from killing people, you will be able to rank up to get more kits.

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