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Survival PvP Legal Votifier Server Version 1.6.2


Blockmadness is changed.

Blockmadness is now hosted by creeperhost.
We have a new website.
And a new map.
We now have an easy/small spawn
New plugins and features.

The new features:
Vote for money.
A live map Here
End reset.
Quests ( coming.)

So lets start over again.
We are blockmadness a nice and friendly community server and we want you to have a good time on the server.
We have very friendly staff and we are open for sugestions so you can say if you would like to see something( This will not mean that if you see you would like to see a plugin we are going to install it. But we will consider.)

i would love to make a server without any rules but then people will screw it up, so we made some easy and general rules:
Griefing is allowed in the wild.
No hacking, Hack clients Or any mods that give you advantage of other players.
Spamming the server is not allowed
Respect other player.
Dont use a bow to kill people that are in a no pvp-zone from the pvp-Zone ( yes there are people that abused this)
Dont start crying for your stuff when you get killed
You can check out all the rules in spawn on the server.

Some features:
Random chests.
Voting for money
Chest shops

If you have any questions for us, please ask them on the website We are way more active on there then on hre and you get faster support on there.

We hope to see you soon on our server.

Some legal stuff:
By joining to our server you agree with itís Rules and you understand that PVP and griefing allowed, You will also respect the staff of the server And the server it self ( not trying to hack, crash, or get the server removed), We are also allowed to log your IP and everything you say on the server, The staff is also allowed to use social spy to see the /tell /msg ETC. commands and the private messages that you send on the server.If you dont follow the rules this can and will most likely result in a temp. ban or perm. ban, Also we ( as in server and its staff) are not responsible for any damage to you and your system, When you build something on this server ( we are allowed to copy your buildings But before we do we will always as your permission for doing something with it. Also we are allowed to removed your account(s) from the website ( ban your ip if you abused something or someone trough the website.

If you donated you are NOT above the rules, We are still allowed the temp./perm. ban you from the server and kick you from the server, Also we are not doing refunds., if something went wrong during the donation ( you dint get the stuff or anything) mail to [email protected] or go to the website and go to the support forums.

Everything on the server ( and website ( is from me ( arriej owner and name holder of blockmadness) You are not allowed to use the name (Blockmadness) without our permission, Also you are not allowed to copy any buildings from the server and publish them on this or any other website then,

Ahh that was nice to type some legal stuff. Now go play on the server.

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