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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.6


Tired of playing on servers where you dont feel like you belong? Want a community that is tight-knit and talks to each other on a daily basis? Come play on the Monster server over at Bloodtide. We have no noticeable block lag and run at roughly 20 TPS consistently.

General Information:
We reload all ages (except for the main world) bi-weekly.
We have a helpers Mining, Deep Dark, Promised Land, and Nether Age.
We use the mod, Mytown. This allows everyone to claim their land.
Keep inventory is always on across all of the ages.
With no white-list, a small banned-item list, mature staff, and extensive fun to be had, your monster experience starts here.

Enabled Mods:
Blood Magic, Biomes O Plenty, Thaumic Thinker Kami, Highlands

Server Information:
-Respect all staff and players.
Dont advertise or swear in chat.
-Dont grief or raid, we have a different server for that.
Discrimination of any kind wont be tolerated.
-Use common sense
Items found in the wilderness are fair game, so it is recommended to claim your land.

Contact Us:
Founder: [email protected]
Ceo: [email protected]
Monster Owner: [email protected]

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