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Survival Legal Votifier Server Version 1.6.4


Were an experienced team of staff aiming at providing both a lag free server and protection against griefers for those who want some peace of mind while playing. Weve got plugins installed that will help players on the server, for example, essentials, lwc, and towny, while also providing some tools that players would like, like a ticket plugin for submitting issues, and dynmap so you may view the entire map.

The map is currently set to 10,000 x 10,000 so theres plenty of space to build on, while still leaving room to expand the map in the future if needed. The server is hosted on a 64GB SSD with 500mb read and write, along with a 4TB backup HDD, so we can provide as little lag as possible while making sure we can keep regular backups incase things go wrong.

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